NILOFAR actively supports the following charities.

85 Broads Foundation

The 85 Broads Foundation is a non-profit organization that promotes the empowerment of women around the world. Its mission is to support causes of global importance to women ranging from education to humanitarian issues. Supporting educational efforts in the U.S. and internationally, the 85 Broads Foundation believes that education is the foundation for cultivating unlimited potential in young women. Previous initiatives included building libraries in Nepal and motivating young women in New York City to pursue careers in science.

Neural Stem Cell Institute

The Neural Stem Cell Institute (NSCI) is dedicated to developing regenerative stem cell therapies for various diseases of the central nervous system: the brain, spinal cord and retina, regardless of the cause of injury. Led by MacArthur “Genius” Award winner Dr. Sally Temple who helped discover and define nervous system stem cells, NSCI is the first independent, non-profit stem cell research institute in the USA.

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